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Birth Support



Sandra Lloyd/ Urban Shaman (she, her) believes that all families deserve compassionate, evidenced-based support at all stages of life—no matter their gender, race, religion, class or sexual orientation. 

We welcome open heartedly all people, all genders, all family structures in our birth support and therapy practices.

Pregnancy and Birth Consultation 

In this 2 hour session, we will discuss your individual concerns, intentions, and options for preparation and decision-making around your pregnancy and birthing choices. Deciding where to birth, choosing a supportive provider, reviewing birth options and preferences, understanding the best ways to meet your intentions, and being fully supported are some concerns that you can expect to address in this private session with me.


Depth Hypnosis Sessions

The unique therapeutic modality of Depth Hypnosis is especially useful for: addressing fears/anxiety about pregnancy or birthing; healing past trauma or issues related to your own birth, clearing patterns in relationship with your mother, partner or family; and preparing to step fully into initiation of motherhood.


Space Clearing for Baby

In preparing for a new baby, a space that was previously used as a home office or storage area is often being renovated for baby's arrival. Spaces we live and work in can become saturated with dense, heavy and unworkable energies and can perpetuate imbalanced energy fields, which affect our ways of being when we are in them. Space clearing is a shamanic practice designed to address these energetic imbalances, and open a clear, harmonious, and energetically dedicated space for a new baby to inhabit. 





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