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Depth Hypnosis is a highly effective therapeutic model developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., that helps people work through issues quickly and gain  long-lasting results. It is a profound and rapid path of transformation. Depth Hypnosis synthesizes the wisdom of two very ancient healing and spiritual modalities; Buddhism and Shamanism, with two modern approaches: hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology to address imbalances on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

In Depth Hypnosis, the use of a hypnotic induction to induce a light trance – basically a state of alert yet focused relaxation – is key to the therapeutic process. This kind of altered state is nothing like most peoples' stereotypes about hypnosis where someone appears to be asleep, or gives their control over to the hypnotist. In Depth Hypnosis, people are still fully conscious; they're just in a state where their conscious mind and defenses can relax enabling them to move into areas of the psyche that would otherwise be inaccessible.




Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind, having been practiced for over 30,000 years. Historically, shamans have divined information for their community and served as spiritual leaders, counselors and healers.


Shaman's believe that all problems, mental, emotional or physical, have a spiritual origin; a spiritual imbalance.The shamanic practitioner addresses the spiritual aspects of illness on our behalf by working with compassionate helping spirits to restore balance, harmony and life essence.The shamanic practitioner has mastered the ability to go into an altered sate of consciousness (similar to a dream state) to enter non-ordinary shamanic reality, and to move back and forth between ordinary and non-ordinary reality in a disciplined way for the purpose of healing and helping others.The shaman does a diagnostic journey to consult with the spirits to determine what type of healing is appropriate for the client.

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A powerful lesson that I have learned in my lifetime is that illness can be a catalyst for change. My own diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001 opened a place of possibility to look at a cancer as a path to becoming whole. I engaged in the soul searching that arises in the face of a diagnosis, and saw how it can rally one's physical, emotional and spiritual resources; how this crisis in the body is an opportunity to regain spiritual balance, to make different choices about what is really important.

I discovered the idea that we don't have to be at war with cancer or the body, and that illness is an opportunity to look deeply at what we need to do to come into balance and harmony with our whole self, with our life and the world around us. Cancer is not just a physical disease, it is a life disease. It is a wake-up call. It can move you to grow and find out who you really are. One of the gifts of my experience of cancer has been deep gratitude for my life and opening to a path of healing I can share in service of others who encounter cancer in their lives. read more >>>

As a respected leader in the San Francisco Bay Area birth community, with extensive experience and training as a birth doula, Depth Hypnosis practitioner, shamanic counselor, childbirth educator and birth advocate, I am uniquely qualified to provide insight and unconditional support for women, and their partners, to navigate the challenges of preconception, birth and postpartum. The customized services I offer are designed to address concerns on multiple levels of experience: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. 



Pregnancy and Birth Consultation 

Depth Hypnosis Sessions

Private Childbirth Classes

Space Clearing for Baby


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"Sandra Lloyd's therapeutic Shamanic work enabled me to access deeper layers of my psyche as I prepared for childbirth. With her as my guide I was able to tap into different areas of my consciousness and connect not only with myself during this profound moment, but with my baby, and with the larger mysteries of our world. It was literally brilliant."

Michelle Tea, Acclaimed author

"Sandra has been a source of guidance, healing, and transformation for my
family and I. I’ve been working with Sandra for over 5 years, during
many life events like career changes, a wedding and marriage, a death
in the family, parenthood, and fertility. I’ve seen transformations in
my life that are directly connected to the depth hypnosis that Sandra
facilitates.  She creates an environment for her clients to do deep, multidimensional

work and is with you as you find your own answers and
support tools to do the work that only you can do yourself.  Her
compassionate and direct approach allows me to meet and reclaim power that creates healing in my life. Though DH and shamanic drum healing, Sandra encourages her clients to connect to their own power and generate positive movement at whatever stage
of life they are in – a true urban shaman..." 


Beth Rees, Perinatal Doula and Herbalist


"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become" -Carl Jung

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