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Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Rattle


We are not here on Earth to be alone, but to be part of a living community, a web of life in which all is sacred. Ceremonies and rituals are powerful tools that promote and sustain healthy changes as we move though life's passages. They help you release old patterns, call in healing energies, bring empowerment to new intentions, honor rites of passage, and connect you with a deeper sense of support and guidance from Spirit in your life. It is with humility, gratitude and an open heart that I work with you to create ceremonies that best support your intentions, and to honor your life transitions in a meaningful and sacred way. 


As a non-denominational ordained Minister of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream and Shamanic Practitioner, I work with clients from diverse cultural traditions, spiritual beliefs and practices.

Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Bowl

Marriage, Partnerships
Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Naming
"Coming of Age"/Life Cycles/Rites of Passage

House Blessings

Completions and Endings/Divorce and Uncoupling of a group
Grief/Loss, Miscarriage

Honoring our Pets

Personal Transformations
Funerals/End of Life
Business Opening

Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Space Clearing
Clearing for the Land
Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Rite of the Womb
Rite of the Womb

Space Clearing

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting us. The energy of places in which we live and work and socialize affects our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Everything that happens in these spaces; thoughts, actions and emotions, are held there. Often we can "feel" uncomfortable when we enter a particular space.


Space clearing is an advanced shamanic practice working with the energies and helping spirits of place to clear dense, stuck or imbalanced energy from a home, workplace or gathering place.  If your space is holding the energy of past trauma, arguments, stress, worry, negative  behaviors or patterns of poor health, then both you and your space can benefit from a clearing to restore balance and harmony.

Some excellent times for space clearing are: moving into a new home, selling a property, opening a new business, preparing for the birth of a baby, inviting new abundance, clearing ancestral wounds.

Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Despacho Ceremony
Despacho for Life Transistion

Despacho Ceremony
A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering. For hundreds of years, the Laika (high shamans or wisdomkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru) have used the despacho ceremony for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.


Similar to a mandala or sacred creation, the despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room raises. The despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.


A personal despacho is an opportunity to really focus on any areas of your life where you feel you need support or would like to ask for blessings. 

Sandra Lloyd | Urban Shaman | Blessing Ceremony
Blessing and Naming Ceremony
Kind Words

"Having worked with the Urban Shaman individually, I knew that Sandra Lloyd would be the right match when I was planning an event for the birth center I work at, Thrive. We had been open a year and we were going through our own birthing pains as we expanded and begun to fill a very special niche in Sonoma County. In an effort to draw our community together to support the center, we held our first community art show called The Painted Moon. Ten professional artists were featured, our walls were adorned with images of birth, and opening night would kick off our second year. We needed someone who could imbue the night with heartfelt magic and work a crowd. Sandra did exactly that. She lead us in a  community blessing and intention setting meditation, she made us laugh and cry, and articulated the sensitive nature of attending birth. She is an excellent public speaker as well as healer and shaman. 

Much of her work happened prior to the event. In addition to a very helpful phone consultation, Sandra arrived hours early, walked the hallways, asked questioned, meditated on our answers, and sought clarity on what we wanted, desired and ultimately guided us towards what we needed. She worked the energy before, during, and after the event. She did a space clearing on a room that had been holding onto some old stories, and was honest and straight forward about how we could support the space clearing with our own actions. 


What I really like about Sandra is that despite being a doula and Shaman, the woman is not "wuwu". She's San Francisco urban, complete with tattoos and fabulous hair, a professional demeanor and a biting sense of humor. She felt extremely accessible to the diverse crowd at the event, and afterwards, people approached her to thank her for leading the ritual. Clearly, her heart is big, and her work might even be bigger. "

Kelly Gray, Center Coordinator

Thrive Birth Center

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