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Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis takes into account that each individual’s path to healing and self-understanding is unique, and it offers tools to help you navigate the complexities of your own path.

Using the hypnotherapeutic and shamanic tools like age regression, insight inquiry, the shamanic journey, soul retrieval, power retrieval, inner child work, and dream recall, the client is supported in following current life issues to their source. Clients discover what is needed to help them move beyond their unconscious motivations and gain access to what is needed for their own healing of the issues creating disharmony in their lives. Through this process, the client is empowered to step into a life affirming relationship with themselves and the world around them.
Call Sandra for a free phone consultation
 to see if Depth Hypnosis is right for you and learn what you can expect in your first session. Many people have found relief of their symptoms in three to five sessions using Depth Hypnosis.

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