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Shamanic Healing

Many methods are used in shamanic healing, including soul retrieval, retrieval of a spiritual ally, removal of unwanted energies, soul remembering, ancestral work, psychopomp (helping the deceased to cross over into the Light) and hands on healing.

For people who experience chronic mental, physical, or emotional pain, depression, or addictions, shamanic healing can be a means to reach the source of that pain in spirit and release that pattern of suffering from your life. It is a way to heal deep soul traumas without re-traumatizing yourself or giving up your power to a healer/teacher.


The use of journeying for personal healing and divination is called shamanic counseling. You will be taught in a one-on-one session how to connect your helping spirits in the form of power animals and teachers. 

Shamanic counseling was developed by Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as a modern shamanic technique for learning the classic shamanic journey to connect with compassionate spirits in nonordinary reality. The spirits are your true counselors, providing healing and guidance in a form uniquely suited to each individual. You may address life problems such as health issues, inhibiting fears, family conflicts, relationships, professional challenges, finances, ancestral and end-of-life issues.

Most people can learn the technique in a few sessions. After learning to journey on your own, you will have access to a source of spiritual power available to you for support, healing and guidance for the rest of your life.

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From a shamanic perspective, common causes of illness and difficulties in one's life are a result of soul loss, power loss, the presence of negative or intrusive energy, ancestral and past life issues.  

SOUL RETRIEVAL is the return of a soul part or soul essence. Soul parts can disconnect from a person due to trauma of an accident or injury, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, death of a loved one, end of a relationship, a period of intense stress, negative emotions, isolation from nature. As a survival mechanism, parts of the soul may leave during the event, helping the psyche cope with the experience. 


Some common symptoms of soul loss:

  • Anxiety/ Chronic negativity, depression or fear

  • Chronic illness

  • Disconnection from one's purpose, lack of enthusiasm

  • Feeling "scattered"

  • "I've never been the same since.....

  • Difficulty staying present in your body or having memory gaps

  • A propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviors


In a soul retrieval, the shaman journeys with the help of spirit allies to find and bring back those soul parts that are needed to restore wholeness again. The shamanic practitioner also shares the story of the visions seen on the journey to return the soul part.


POWER RETRIEVAL: Power loss is where a person loses his power animal or guardian spirit that has been protecting him. In power animal retrieval, the shaman addresses power loss by reconnecting the person with their power animal. Power animal retrieval can also be done simply to introduce the power animal to someone who may not have known what it was. The animal represents the qualities of the kind of power that has been missing. Power loss is often a symptom of a person being exposed to negativity over time from parent, authority figure, and from the self.- any situation where you can't escape can cause a loss of power. 

Symptoms of power loss may include:

  • A sense of not belonging

  • chronic misfortune

  • low energy

  • lack of motivation

  • anxiety, depression or illness


SPIRITUAL INTRUSIONS AND EXTRACTIONS:: Extraction removes "spiritual baggage" that does not belong to us. Spiritual intrusions can be caused by negative thought forms, such as anger, grief or other unresolved feelings, that we have taken into our bodies in response to hurt or a projection from someone else. It can also result from  from a physical injury. An Intrusion can manifest as localized pain in the body, illness or depression. Left unattended an intrusion can turn into a chronic illness. Intrusions often appear in situations where our Spirit has been weakened and made vulnerable by soul loss or power loss. A spiritual extraction involves removing and releasing the intrusion, clearing the affected area and is generally followed with a soul retrieval.

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