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Cancer Support

I offer these three ways to support clients who may be recently diagnosed, currently in treatment, or in recovery:

Depth Hypnosis Sessions*

Medical Hypnosis: Hypnosis is proven to be very effective in addressing anxiety, pain, side effects of treatments, loss of self esteem, loneliness and alienation often experienced by cancer patients. Clients learn the practice of self-hypnosis to induce relaxation, calm, peacefulness, and feelings of well-being to support treatments for cancer. Hypnotic Suggestions are tailored specifically to your individual needs. After you have experienced deep trance states of guided hypnosis a number of times, the techniques of self hypnosis are easily learned. Hypnosis then becomes a tool that can be used at any time to facilitate your recovery.

Shamanic Journey Group for Cancer Patients: During the journey sessions you will receive simple instructions for accessing the spirit worlds to meet compassionate helping spirits who are willing to work with you. Sandra will provide coaching and encouragement on your journey technique and guide and support you in opening communication with the spirits, framing your questions and requests, and will provide you with general principles involved in interpreting the answers you receive. The focus in shamanic counseling is on empowering you to become skilled in the shamanic journey method and form relationships with helping spirits, so that you will be able to seek, receive and interpret guidance from your spirits for issues arising in your life.

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